How to Charter

How To Charter a Yacht

How to Charter your Special Event Motor yacht  or Party Gulet for Blue Cruising .

First it’s advisable to establish an overall budget of how much you would like to spend on your very special yacht charter. The next thing to determine, when you are looking for a boat, is to make sure that the boat that you select is Available, Inspected and certified for the number of guests you will be accomodating on board.
The main frame values would be ,
When would you like to charter a yacht ? ( your exact dates for a week or two )
How many cabins would you need  or how many persons you want to accomodate ?
How much you are planning to spend  just let us know in order to locate the right one for you.

Buffet style lunches or dinners are most popular on the yachts due to the limited kitchen space for cooking. However most of  our  yachts offer excellent  cuisine with blue ribbon chefs and  accommodate formal seating for all her guests .

There are two main  elements on chartering a yacht.

1. The cost of the yacht itself, (usually fixed)

2. The food and beverage,  (mostly excluded in charter price, with  MYBA contracts)

Most of the time we buy the provisions and the beverages according to your hearts desire and Present you the expenditure invoice which is payable when boarding the vessel or Upon your arrival  you may take a  few hours of your time and simply buy all what you need from the local stores and  enjoy shopping.

If  chartering a Luxury Gulet
The cost of the yacht includes crew wages , insurance , Fresh water and the Fuel  for the main engines
for  4 hours of  motoring daily and power generators ( for air conditioning )

If chartering a Motor yacht
The charter price Never includes the fuel nor food and beverages, there are two engines for cruising and two power generators to run the airconditioners and to navigate .

The delivery fee, is aplicable when you decide to call the Yacht to your preferred place such as a hotel or a marina of your choice  to aboard the yacht which is other than her home port/marina

Redelivery fee, is aplicable when you decide to leave the yacht other than her home port/marina.

Either motor yacht  or a motor sailing gulet the charter price is excluding food and the beverages also foreign port disbursement fees and outward /inward  clearance fees are aplicable when you decide to take a chartered yacht abroad such as greek islands or elsewhere .

Yachts home port dockage fee, the crew’s salary, Yachts insurance , fresh water and Local marina/port mooring fees and local inward /outward clearance fees are on the owners account and The captain will take care of these issues,
So you dont have to worry about it.

.The cost of the Yacht is fixed and does not vary with less  people on board.
The catering and beverages are variable costs and should be shown separately on a per person, per day basis
and should also include any other service charges .

All  our Yacht proposals and estimates show these hidden costs in a detailed breakdown.
please let us know about your personal  preferences,  either red meat , white meat, fish or vegetarian.

Basically, there are four ways to charter a boat or luxury yacht for your vacation:

First option , and  the best and most restful and stress-free vacation, is to book a cruise on a fully crewed yacht, where the boat is exclusively yours for the duration. The vessel can be sail or power, and the crew will navigate, sail and prepare the beverages and meals. This is definitely the lap of luxury or as the Irish say: “Living the life of Riley”.
the whole boat is yours to go wherever you like, your crew will be responsible for serving you three meals a day plus preparing the many exotic or traditional  beverages and magnificent gourmet dishes for your evening meals. The chefs on board luxury yachts pride themselves in the quality and variety of their meals; This truly remarkable vacation has no equal on earth: sailing on your own private yacht with an attentive and knowledgeable crew to attend to your every need has to be the ultimate experience.

The second way to charter is with a captain-only arrangement under which the charter company provides a qualified captain, usually a person expressly chosen not only for their nautical experience but more importantly for their “people-skills” and ability to interact socially with a wide variety of guests. You and your party will be expected to do the meal preparation or to eat ashore at the many available local restaurants and watering holes on the different islands. You will be responsible for the captain’s meals as well. Many of our bareboats and crewed yachts can also be chartered as “Captain-only” vessels.

A third alternative, is a “bare-boat” Charter without captain or crew. Under this arrangement you and your party will be the captain and crew. Of course, some prior experience will be necessary for your own safety, you and/or your guests will be required to fill out a form known as a “sailing resume”,  take out accident insurance and provide a security deposit before the Charter Company turns you loose with their rather expensive piece of equipment..

A final alternative is to book a cabin charter on a crewed yacht. Some of the larger private yachts allow bookings by the cabin: boats will typically leave their port of origin on a fixed timetable and itinerary, say, on Fridays at mid-day and return to the same port on the following Thursday at midday. You will be sharing the vessel with other guests and your fellow passengers will be basically “Pot-Luck”. This is a more economical way to have the fun without paying for the whole boat.

The best way to enjoy the real Mediterranean is from the deck of your own fully super yacht charter
A fully crewed yacht comes with a captain, deckhands , steward/ess and cook.
For the price of a cruise you and your friends sail in comfort, with first class food and service, but you decide the menu and where you sail. The emphasis is on visiting near by towns and beaches that are often inaccessible to large cruise ships or hotel guests.

Motor Yacht or Sailing Vessel?

This is a matter of personal preference. Many people prefer the silence of sailing, the closeness and oneness with the wind and the sea, and the satisfaction of using nature to power your boat and take you where you want to go. There is also a somewhat superior level of skill required to successfully navigate and anchor a sailing vessel. Power boats on the other hand, tend to be somewhat easier to handle, especially for mooring and navigating in close quarters if they have twin propellers. You are not dependent on the wind to get to where you want to go, plus, power boats tend to have more creature comforts like larger heads, and living accommodations. When chartering a yacht, people tend to charter what they are familiar with. Either Sail or power,

Whether you prefer the luxury of a fully crewed yacht or the freedom of a bareboat, chartering offers something for everyone…

. Honeymooners love being alone.

. Parents enjoy the security of a fully crewed yacht for their children.

. Young children love the beaches and all the activities a yacht has to offer .

. Teenagers enjoy the water sports, the night life and the chance to see a different world.

. Boat owners enjoy  the opportunity to sail a larger boat than they would normally own.

. Everyone loves the freedom which is absolutely unique that offers a yacht .

Bareboat Chartering

Without a timetable, no crew, and an endless supply of beaches, coves and unique islands to visit, bareboat chartering represents the ultimate get away vacation. There are many bareboat companies in the Mediterranean but standards vary enormously and choosing the right boat and company makes all the difference. There are many enticing bareboat sites on the web,
but in reality it is virtually impossible to judge a boat’s condition from a web site or a magazine ad. As an independent brokerage firm that works with all charter companies,
we can tell you how they compare and describe each boat’s current condition. All companies have some boats that are better than others. We specialize in Mediterranean yacht charters and know from first hand experience and feedback which companies regularly produce satisfied customers

Choosing a Bare Boat Charter Company.

We propose companies and boats that  fits best to your requirements and your price range.
We can give an independent opinion on the charter company and the boat you are considering and describe its current condition from first hand experience.

How do we find the most suitable crewed Yacht for you .

A charter brokerage house, such as our company, matches you with a boat that fits your requirements and a crew with experience. Rather than mailing long lists of boats,
we send you an initial selection of yachts that  we would recommend, based on the preferences you give us. This package will contain our own independent, detailed description and photos of the boat and crew,
We then discuss the features that you like in a yacht and the crew, sending you more options and selections as necessary. We have more than 1500 crewed yachts on our  file and only recommend  the boats that we know personally and feel that she would be the most suitable for you, Selecting the right Crew is often more important than the boat.
See why we book more Mediterranean charters than any other independent brokerage house in Turkey.

Where should we go, where are the best places?

There are marvelous places to tie up your stern rope or anchor all over the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean We have tried to showcase some of these places in the form of cruising itineraries and  Destinations.

Here’s how the whole booking thing works in practice.

By booking your charter through us, you pay no more than dealing with the Yachts head owner or the bareboat company directly, yet our unbiased advice and 20 years of experience provide you with additional security, more information and Fair prices.
We can quote instantly with on-line availability and simplify the whole booking process .

After you have chosen the yacht which will be your floating vacation home for a week or two, and after we have verified the availability of the vessel for the dates you have choosen, you will be E-mailed a charter party agreement or contract and asked to provide a deposit which is usually 50% of the value of the whole charter price.
While we wait for the check or wire-transfer, we will place a “working hold” on the vessel for a short period of time and you will be granted a “first option” or a “right of first refusal” from Our company on behalf of the yacht’s Head owner / clearing house or the bareboat charter company.

When we receive the pdf copy of signed contract by you and 50% deposit by wire transfer, we will place a firm booking with the Head owner , Clearing House or bare boat Company, transfer funds to them and/or to an escrow account and we will mail you the Food and Beverage list as per your Preference and  give you precise instructions on where and when to aboard  the yacht that you have chartered

We can arrange the Airport Transfers to and from the Yacht  which is extra payable.

Upon boarding the vessel on your arrival date, you will be required to provide the 50% remaining balance of the value of the charter in cash or credit card payment.

We expect you to inform us The passanger list by e-mail before your arrival so that  we can pass the your passanger list with names, surnames,  birth date and passport or ID card number to the captain for the outward clearance formalities which is imposed by the port authorities,  in order to organize your outward clearance before your arrival that you would be on your way out . Without any delay .!!!

Trip Cancellation and Medical Insurance.

We recommend that you consider taking out a Trip Cancellation Insurance Policy.
Since the initial deposit is non-refundable for obvious reasons, i.e. the boat has committed a period of time to you and has essentially taken itself out of the market for that period. Cancellation Insurance will allow you recoup your deposit if you have to cancel your vacation for any reason.